Who makes up the Social Business Network?

The Social Business Network is made up of individuals and institutions that have years of experience in grassroots development, fair trade, social business, community organizing, coffee, academics, supply chain management, marketing, renewable energy, finance, information technology, sustainable agriculture, food security, community development, and organizational change.  We are global, representing four continents and speaking a total of 5 languages.  We are people with proven track records for making change and leading industries and social movements.

We are united through our core values and our desire to put our highly skilled, multi-disciplined knowledge into action.  A core team of individuals keep the network in communication and constantly moving, creating, and acting.  They are also the authors for this site.

If you are passionate about changing the world through trade based in social, environmental and economic equality, bring creativity and positive energy to business challenges, and share our vision, join in on the discussion!  Leave us a comment on this site, and we look forward to getting to know you.

Nick Hoskyns, Director of Social Business Network, has worked since the age of 19 with community economic development in Nicaragua and is the co-founder of the Juan Francisco Paz Silva Cooperative, the Del Campo Union of Cooperatives, and FENIAGRO, the Nicaraguan Federation of Agroindustrial Cooperatives. He has worked as a consultant in cooperative development around the world and is the Managing Director of Ético, the Ethical Trading Company.

Albert Tucker, Chair of Social Business Network, is a key figure in the fair trade, community regeneration and sustainable development movements. A trusted advocate for small scale farmers in global trade and policy, he has a strong track record in leading and building successful social enterprises, working to multiple bottom lines with organisations including Cafédirect, Divine Chocolate, and Twin Trading.

Duncan White

Rachel Lindsay, Communications and Sustainability Director, has over a decade of experience working with community sustainable agriculture and food security in the US and Latin America.

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  1. Kristin

    How can I get in touch with you?

    My name is Kristin Van Busum and I am currently working at a policy research institute called RAND Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts and volunteer for an organization that supports sustainable food in Massachusetts. I recently made a trip to Nicaragua to visit the family coffee farm of a friend who I met through this organization.

    While visiting, I had the opportunity to meet smallholding farmers (individuals with 1-5 hectares) in Jinotega and was appalled with I learned many of these hardworking individuals have limited access to credit and often with very high interest rates up to 40%. These producers are on some of the most desirable farmland for coffee growing in Nicaragua and still live in extreme poverty. Many take classes – offered by El Recreo Estate, the farm I visited – on how to improve their farming techniques, but these individuals need more than just classes to improve their livelihoods. They need access to fair credit, business and technical assistance, and connected with distributors who will offer them a fair price for their high-quality coffee. There are organizations with a mission to address these problems and these problems are not new. So why are the small producers I met in Jinotega left behind? How many individuals need assistance in this region? It is possible to disrupt the cycle of poverty in that region.

    Resources, individuals willing to help and intelligence exist to address these problems. Solutions exist. We just need someone to mobilize these efforts.

    Please reach out to me if you are still active on this site..



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