Social Business Network is the main shareholder in the innovative ethical trading company, Ético.  Founded in 2004, Ético: The Ethical Trading Company, Ltd. was established in Nicaragua as an extension of the cooperative business movement  and now works with companies and cooperatives throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa.  Ético’s innovative business and investment structure makes it the only trading company that is 100% owned by cooperatives and non-profits. Today the company is a leading exporter in quality fair trade sesame, sesame oil, and coffee.  For more information, visit Ético’s website and read more on the Social Business Network blog.

How does the Social Business Network contribute to Ético?

Besides being the main shareholder, Social Business Network lends its charity status to help further the social and environmental development projects that are possible through funds from the trading.  Through our partnership with Ético we have brought experts from governmental and non-governmental organizations including university researchers, experts in gender equity and top sustainable development organisations to work directly with the producer cooperatives in supply chains. Some examples of community driven initiatives made possible through the sesame and coffee production chains are:

  • Improved Potable Water Quality and Access
  • Recognizing the Unpaid Work of Women in Fair Trade
  • Cultural Identity and Celebration
  • Improved Organic Fertilizer Production
  • Laboratory Development for Quality Management

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