The Social Business Network works in collaborative spheres dedicated to equitable environmental, social and financial development.  Our members are experts in their areas and connected to reputable organizations, companies, and academic institutions around the world.

Examples of the services offered by the Social Business Network are:

Supply Chain Innovations – creating new ones and ensuring existing chains are delivering full benefits at both ends, strengthening resilience to financial and climatic risks, developing social, financial, and environmental innovations through supply chains to ensure maximum impact.

Risk Management – trouble shooting, managing reputation and supply risks.

Direct Sourcing – linking buyer companies directly with their producers.

Technical Support – facilitating technical training in different sectors: co-operation, supply, fairtrade, ethical codes, managing multi-purpose businesses.

Producer Empowerment – providing consultancy and training in management and leadership for producers in farmer cooperatives.

Certification – development and monitoring certification systems.

Entrepreneurism – supporting and creating new social enterprises by building brands, facilitating sustainability, meeting environmental standards, etc. (inc. fairtrade fashion).

1 thought on “Collaborate!

  1. Koh Sylvain, Operations Manager, N'afeka Trading Ltd,

    I’m very instresting about ur organization.


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