Challenging Inequality with Creativity and Innovation

Welcome to Social Business Network, a group of creative, dynamic professionals working to challenge inequality by creating innovative, collaborative, cooperative solutions for global development.

 There are currently a number of organisations and institutions formed to support producers in developing countries, the most notable being a rapidly increasing Fairtrade movement. However, international trade is a vastly complex system and there remain barriers in the link between buyers and producers, and a skills inequality which leaves producers lacking the ability to accrue real value from their trade.

 Ethical trade and consumerism has the potential to create sustainable, impactful change when it supports producer organizations in horizontal development focussing on gender equality, environmental sustainability, and economic empowerment.  We are here to find new ways of integrating these ethical values into all the links of the supply chain, resulting in a stronger, more stable trade and better world for all.

What does Social Business Network do?

The Social Business Network draws expertise from across the world covering the main elements of international trade to create and implement lasting changes in producer and consumer communities.  Working at all levels of the supply chain in a variety of industries, our network works on specific programmes to maximise the benefits of social and ethical business approaches such as Fairtrade and ethical trade. We facilitate direct links between companies and producers, and provide support with management, leadership skills and more.

Our vision is to bring all levels of the supply chain together to achieve the maximum social, financial and environmental value from their business relationships.

The Social Business Network creates new approaches to solving social and business problems locally, nationally and globally. That may involve the creation of new social enterprises to fill gaps in the market.  It may involve fundraising to do farmers’ programs in Uganda.  It may involve strategically linking up all the pieces of the global coffee supply chain.  It may involve coming up with new, radical ways to market products from dairy farmers in the U.K.   Whatever the problem, Social Business Network identifies fresh approaches to lead the way towards social change.

Why was Social Business Network formed?

To create a space for us—individuals who are tired of the bureaucracy, really want to make a difference and create a space to find similarly valued people.  Social Business Network provides that space for us to sit, think, debate, discuss, analyze, pick at and then create new, innovative, radical solutions for problems in the world.

If using the tools of production, financing, organization and environmental sustainability are part of your dream to change the world, check out the Services we offer, or Join Us in our work to create Ethical Trading systems, Recognize the Unpaid Work of Women, and transform the world around us.



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